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What’s new? Microsoft Build 2023 takes ‘AI’ to the next level

After the “Microsoft Build 2023” event at the end of May, a variety of products and innovations have been introduced to the crowd. However, the most exciting thing is that Microsoft has added AI-powered features to Windows 11 by introducing the AI ​​assistant “Windows Copilot”, one of the artificial intelligences that takes AI to the next level.

Windows Copilot is an AI system that has been developed to be capable of receiving more complex commands than previous systems installed in the Windows 11 operating system. It is another artificial intelligence created to be an AI assistant that provides convenience to users which can be accessed through the sidebar. One of its abilities is to tell you how to use Windows to control various settings of the system, such as entering Focus Mode or following that the user orders whether it’s answering questions, summarizing information, writing emails, and performing complex tasks.

Microsoft also announced important news that it will support the installation of three major plug-ins: the Teams message extension, the Power Platform connector, and the tool that uses technology from ChatGPT. Microsoft says that they will build plug-ins such as Copilot and Bing Chat with the same standards that OpenAI uses for ChatGPT to increase engagement and service. This means users will be able to use the same plug-in across all three AI-powered tools.

AI is also being leveraged in Google apps for increased productivity and ease of adoption of AI powered Microsoft features. Not just Windows Copilot, but also Dev Home updates designed to help developers in every step by configuring Winget to quickly set up Development Machines with a single command and access to the Archive on GitHub and track CPU and GPU performance. What’s interesting about this Dev Home model is not just its enhanced capabilities, but Microsoft’s listening to developers and meeting their needs.

Another thing that many people have been waiting for a long time is that Microsoft has updated Windows11 to be able to open RAR files. In the past, users need to download applications such as WinRAR or 7-Zip to read RAR file. However, now Microsoft will make Windows11 support RAR files out of the box.

Microsoft’s goal is to give users more access to AI capabilities and experiences, leading to an idea of ​​how the coming of AI will change the role of work in the new era. Business sectors should be ready to cope with this change and step into the new era of technology that has moved to the next level.

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