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Cloud Technologies & Hybrid Infrastructure

24/7 information accessibility with Cloud Platform and Infrastructure.

Cloud Technologies & Hybrid Infrastructure responding to all types of businesses’ needs

We provide complete End to End Services, from beginning to the end of the duration you entrust in our services. Including design services and managing cloud technology for every platform in every format for customers who wish for convenience. and quick to create cloud infrastructure for creating innovation for the organization

Our Services

Tech services for your business.

Cloud Platform Services

The design and implement Cloud technology on every type of Cloud technology for clients who want fast and convenient Cloud infrastructure. The fundamental cloud structure that is suited for crafting innovation to the organization should have these procedures: creating estimate value, controlling expense management, alerting notification, creating monthly report including creating billing service management which suit to domestic and international tax condition.

Enterprise Networking

A large scale of network solutions consists of Software-Defined Networking, Switch, Router, Wireless, Network Management, and Optical Networking

Professional Services

Professional services are consultation and implementation of the complex systems in terms of architecture (Integration on premise, Multi-Cloud Platform) and data system operation (Application flow and Data flow). We customize complex systems to make them compatible with various security measures (Data security, Data privacy, Mission-critical application, Disaster recovery) At the same time, technology must support the business in speed, agility, stability, security, and scalability.

Technical Operation Services

Technical Operation Services is an after-sale service that the client might like some help with designing and maintaining systems consistency. Let’s leave all complex system maintenance to us. Clients can focus on making and developing the latest innovation and service in their businesses as a priority.

Wireless and Mobility

A large scale of the wireless and mobile network consists of Software-Defined Access, Wireless Controllers, Indoor Access Points, Outdoor and Industrial Access Points, and Cloud-managed Access Points.

Network Security

Solution for Network security such as Next-Generation Firewalls, Advanced Malware Protection, Cloud Security, Network Visibility and Segmentation, Email Security and Web Security.

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