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Data Modernization & Intelligence

To increase the information's efficiency & value.
Not only providing comprehensive data management services which include designing, planning, storing, processing, analyzing, and reporting, DataWise, who is highly skilled and experienced, is also confident and ready to provide training and consultation at the policy level to ensure that customers truly make use of the organization’s data.

Our Services

Modernized Databases

The Modernized Databases team at DataWise is a group of experts ready to provide services for all types of database systems. With over 10 years of experience in consulting and supporting various clients, we are prepared to offer design, implementation, customization, tuning, and development of modern and appropriate database solutions. Additionally, we emphasize data security and system operational efficiency to ensure that our clients can meet the diverse and rapidly changing demands of their businesses. This helps organizations build a robust database system foundation for sustainable growth and long-term success.

Consulting, designing, implementing, customizing, migrating, and developing database systems for organizations, whether On-Premise, Cloud, or Hybrid solutions.

Consulting, designing, and managing data backup and recovery solutions for database systems.

Designing access control, encryption, data masking, and database system security.

Maintenance, error checking and correction, and optimization of existing database systems using AI to analyze system performance, reduce vulnerabilities, and improve efficiency.

Training programs to develop employee skills.

Intelligent Data Platform

Intelligent Data Platform by DataWise, with over 20 years of expertise and experience in Data Management, integrates AI to provide comprehensive services. These services include Data Ingestion, Data Integration and ETL/ELT, Data Cleansing, and Data Governance, to Build an Intelligent Data Platform such as Data Warehouse, DataLake, Data LakeHouse, DataHub, Data Services, and Data Fabric. These platforms are modern and can be deployed On Premise, On Cloud, or Hybrid to support both Batch and Realtime data processing.

Exploration, Design, and Creation of Well-Architected Data Platform Designs

Provision of Data Governance services in accordance with DAMA’s Framework standards

Data preparation and Model building for in-depth or Advance Data Analysis

Maintenance of Data Platform efficiency from the first day of the project

Creation of Data Pipelines and Data Flow according to business requirements

Adoption of Data Platform & AI concepts to enhance efficiency and protect organizational data, ensuring secure use and data sharing.

Advanced Analytics

With over 2 decades of experience and deep expertise, our team is dedicated to helping clients transform their data into actionable insights that drive business success. We offer a comprehensive Advanced Analytics solutions, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client’s industry and business goals.

End-to-End Data Analytics Solutions Architecture Design: We provide expert guidance in designing and implementing a robust data analytics architecture that aligns with your organization's strategic objectives.

Data Analytics & AI Integration: We seamlessly integrate Data Analytics and AI techniques to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your data analysis processes.

Data Analytics Tool Consulting: Our team of experts will help you select the right data analytics tools for your specific needs and provide tailored use cases and implementation strategies.

AI-Powered Data Analytics: We leverage AI capabilities embedded within data analytics tools to optimize performance and extract deeper insights.

Executive Analytics Dashboards: We develop interactive dashboards that deliver real-time insights to executives, enabling them to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

Training and Enablement: We provide comprehensive training programs, including standard tool training and customized workshops, to empower your workforce with data analytics skills and foster a data-driven culture. Our Proven Approach:

Data Preparation and Modeling: We transform raw data into structured and analyzable formats, building sophisticated data models to support advanced analytics.

Deep Industry Expertise: We have extensive experience in a wide range of industries, enabling us to provide tailored solutions that address your unique business challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence team at DataWise consists of experts in the practical application of AI. Our specialists study AI technology and harness its potential to create targeted business value. We develop consulting approaches and foster awareness to ensure comprehensive understanding within teams, enabling the effective use of AI to save time, reduce redundant tasks, and enhance operational capabilities.

AI Adoption: Begin your AI journey with us. We offer a comprehensive suite of AI use cases and frameworks tailored to enhance your business impact. Our expertise allows us to define and customize AI applications specifically suited to your firm's needs.

AI Implementation: Collaborate with us to design AI projects that align with your business requirements. Our specialists ensure the seamless integration of AI into your operations, boosting productivity while maintaining a focus on empathy and user experience.

AI Transformation: Transform your business with our in-house AI training courses. We focus on building a deep understanding and practical application of AI among your employees, emphasizing the crucial role of education in successful AI integration.

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