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NVIDIA joins the AI ​​market, reflecting the trend of Generative AI in 2023.

If talking about one of the world’s largest technology launch events, it must be “Computex” in Taiwan. The event that often introduce innovative products to be launched for sale. The highlight of this year is that computer technology company “NVIDIA” joins the launch of these new technologies. NVIDIA is a company that is growing rapidly as the dominant market of graphics cards that are used not only for gaming, but it is also a part of driving the growth of AI technology.

Recently, NVIDIA has been mostly known for their hardware. In the event, they launched various new hardware and software. However, what people pay a lot of attention to was the new server hardware, the AI ​​line “DGX GH200” GPU with large memory which is able to connect between NVLink and NVLink Switch System, enabling multiple cores to be supported.

Because most of the problems with generative AI, as the model gets bigger and bigger, is a problem with loading parameters. It means that in training AI, if the resource is not enough, it will not be able to train at all. Therefore, the arrival of the DGX GH200, in addition to helping to solve such problems, also increases the efficiency of developing more powerful AI.

Another interesting thing at this event is that NVIDIA has unveiled a new AI suite that will be used in game development, an AI for training NPCs or character development in games to be more realistic.

In the past, creating dialogue for the characters in the game was a heavy task for the writers who devoted a lot of time to writing each character. However, using AI to develop in this section, it helps the characters to be more natural considering both generated dialogue and various facial expressions which also lighten the work for game designers. This is considered a big change in the gaming industry to another level that is worth watching, and also reflects that AI can help humans with some tasks which allows more time for them to do other tasks.

We can see from various press conferences this year that companies are launching new technology that they are focusing on bringing AI to their products in increase the overall efficiency and benefit all sectors. This shows that AI is playing a very important role in this era. Not only in one aspect but in every aspect and closer to yourself than you think. Even ordinary people can easily access AI, and many people may not even realize that they are using AI in their daily life. For example, photo editing such as removing unwanted objects from the image or adding effects to VDO that today anyone can do within their mobile phone. All these use cases have AI behind the work.

Although Generative AI is a technology that has been around for a while, but it cannot be denied that after the appearance of ChatGPT by OpenAI, which introduces the world to the power of Generative AI, it is a big ripple in the IT industry. It is considered to be the awakening of the AI trend to come back into the spotlight again, causing many tech giants to continuously turn to develop their own AI.

Today, AI plays a greater role in our lives especially with business operations. It is even more challenging and should not be overlooked if you want to keep pace with this change. As an organization that operates in technology, we can see that 2023 is the year of Generative AI that will lead to a truly new world.

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