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Google I/O 2023 Recap: When AI Development is Competitive

Recently, the giant tech company, Google, held an annual event “Google I / O 2023” that introduced many new products and technologies, including Google Pixel, Google’s first foldable phone and tablet, and WearOS 4, software for a new smartwatch. Also, there are improvements to features in both the Google home and Google maps apps. However, the highlight of the event is the AI ​​development to keep it on par with rivals like Microsoft.

Although Google has been a leader in AI for a long time and has designed a lot of generative AI, it cannot be denied that it has not been able to withstand the trend of ChatGPT by OpenAI that is currently being discussed a lot in the IT industry. Admittedly, ChatGPT has much more detailed Q&A capabilities.

And at this event, Google upgraded its AI development to have OpenAI-like capabilities and features to compete with ChatGPT by introducing an AI chatbot called “Google Bard”, a language model that can send messages to Google Docs and Gmail easily. They also added support for Korean and Japanese languages, and eye-saving features like Dark Mode. All of which can be accessed without having to join the Waitlist first. This Google Bard works on a language model that has been updated to PaLm2 to be intelligent and good at problem analysis Including interacting more naturally. There is also support for a wide range of programming capabilities.

AI is also being utilized in Google apps for enhanced performance and ease of use by adding new features as follows

  • Help me write feature in Gmail that will increase the convenience of writing Gmail on behalf of the user.
  • Magic Editor feature in Google Photos that can edit images extensively. Makes image editing easier.
  • AI snapshots feature in Google Search that always puts search results powered by AI on top. Questions can also be added for the benefit of searchers looking for more specific information.
  • Generative AI Wallpapers feature, using AI analysis to generate wallpapers based on user descriptions.
  • The Cinematic Wallpapers feature uses AI to analyze basic images to give the image a cinematic dimension.

Some of these features are still limited to only Android devices or the Pixel family, which Google continues to develop AI to add other features to benefit users.

Google’s press conference this time highlighted the use of AI to develop both apps and features to compete with Microsoft, showing that AI is playing a very important role in this era. We need to continue monitoring the development of AI technology and how it will play a role in the future. It’s time to adjust to respond to this change in time. If you don’t want to be a lagging organization in the golden age of technology

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