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Infrastructure Modernization

The backbone of your businesses cannot be fragile.

Infrastructure expansion and end-to-end infrastructure services

In the era where technology changes by seconds, including business competition, and customer behaviors, leading every business to adapt with the unexpected changes. At MFEC, the Infrastructure Modernization team with various IT professionals and our trusted partners and suppliers will ensure that our customers would get the best final delivery from us.

Our Services

Our System Infrastructure Services will provide various solutions from consulting to designing infrastructure solutions (Server & Storage) on both traditional systems and modern systems (Big data, In-Memory Computing, and Objective Storage). Also, our service, including DR Solution implementation, is to build a back-up site to prepare for an unexpected catastrophe and migrate data from an old system to a new system.
Our Modernized Data Center Services will enhance organization to have compatibility with modern-day applications and today’s changing business landscape by using state-of-the-art technology like Hyper Converged, Virtualization, Automation, Hybrid-Cloud, Private-Cloud.
Our Backup and recovery services will prevent data loss from server and desktop levels. Also, our service will back up any data for further use in the future (Copy Data Management) to reduce preparation time for other activities like Test/UAT. Additionally, our service helps with cost reduction on storage allocation. Another example is that a developer can gain access to data and can do the work by themselves (self-service) in developing new applications.
Our End-User management service will be responsible for the use of several applications and data from multiple devices including the use of personal data within an organization (Enterprise File Sync and Share).

Our Solutions

Enterprise Networking

A large scale of network solutions consists of Software-Defined Networking, Switch, Router, Wireless, Network Management, and Optical Networking.

Wireless and Mobility

A large scale of the wireless and mobile network consists of Software-Defined Access, Wireless Controllers, Indoor Access Points, Outdoor and Industrial Access Points, and Cloud-managed Access Points.


Solution for Network security such as Next-Generation Firewalls, Advanced Malware Protection, Cloud Security, Network Visibility and Segmentation, Email Security and Web Security.


Solution for Coordinate function such as Unified Communication, IP-Telephony system, Contact Center system, Voice & Video Conference and Collaboration Endpoints system.

Data Center

Solution for Data Center such as Servers - Unified Computing, Data Center Management and Automation, Data Center Switches, Data Center Security, Hyper converged Infrastructure, Storage Networking and Virtual Networking


A group of innovative solution will support the work to be more efficient and convenient in both of Cloud Services and Managed Services such as Cisco Meraki, Cisco WebEx and Cisco Umbrella.

Network Programing

Network Programing is taking API of Cisco product to develop for responding customer’s demand by serving services such as Web application, Integration service, IoT platform, or Automation support to reduce complex works.

Our Partners