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Case Study: How MFEC apply AI to the organization

Artificial intelligence technology or AI is becoming very popular nowadays. With various abilities, this technology can be transformed to help the organization greatly. MFEC, which has expertise and is always interested in new technology, saw this opportunity and immediately went to research until AI was applied in organizations in many sectors. The following is an example of how AI has been applied to MFEC and its affiliates.

Example 1: Using AI to Generate Leads from Marketing Campaigns

Crowdabout, a subsidiary of MFEC, uses AI to help create a personality test questionnaire to build a customer base and spread brand reach. The uses AI to create both the questionnaire and the illustrations of the questionnaire. It has been very successful, attracting over 100,000 survey respondents from user reshares. All of which are made possible by the use of AI.

Example 2: Using AI to help HR read candidate resumes

MFEC’s HR department has applied AI to work by using them to help reading job applicants’ resumes and extract information in an organized and easy-to-find way. This saves a lot of work time as the HR department doesn’t have to go through hundreds of résumés manually. This is time-consuming and prone to errors due to large amounts of confusion in the data. This frees up time for employees to do more important tasks like calling candidates or conducting interviews.

Example 3: Using AI to accurately extract and mange documents

MFEC Purchasing has adopted AI to assist with paperwork by automatically extracting information through accounting documents, eliminating the manual reading and filling process, reducing time and risk of errors from people. AI is more accurate and takes much less time to extract information from documents, bringing AI to workflows helps employees to be more productive with less effort and time.

Example 4: Use AI to help analyze insights to come up with a business strategy.

As AI is capable of efficiently analyzing massive amounts of data, MFEC has applied LLM technology to its data analytics capabilities to simplify the insights analyzing process. Even if the user is not a technology expert, they are still able to use the system easily by just entering the information into the system. You can ask questions about the data and let the system generate a diagram of the report automatically. This saves time digging for documents and gives employees more time to think about business strategies.

Apply AI to your organization

Although AI technology has recently started to gain attention, it can be seen that MFEC has already been applied and has real experience in using AI in the organization. Because we have a team of developers who specialize in both IT and business, we are ready to help organizations in Thailand adopt AI in the organization and efficiently step into a new era of technology.

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