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5 Reasons MFEC Ventures into the AI Market This Year

In the past, it should be noticed that the coming of AI is being discussed a lot and Khun Leng Siriwat Wongjarukorn, CEO of MFEC, said on Opportunity Day that AI is one of the investments that the company is focusing this year.

Here are 5 reasons why MFEC decided to enter the AI market.

Reason 1: AI is a new era of technology.

Artificial Intelligence or AI is one of the most advanced technologies today, and it opens up a lot of opportunities for businesses that will arise in the future. As a result, MFEC sees the need to use its expertise and corporate resources as one of the drivers of the AI industry to grow further and faster.

Reason 2: AI will help Thai businesses grow faster.

One of MFEC’s main missions for the past 26 years has been to help companies grow by leaps and bounds through technology. With the ability of AI to automate tasks, analyze massive amounts of data, and can help brainstorm business strategies, we therefore see a great opportunity to use AI technology as one of our services to help Thai companies grow efficiently in this era.

Reason 3: AI will help the Thai economy grow.

If businesses in Thailand use AI more, it will cause exponential growth of those businesses. And creating a flow of money in the economy that will lead to the growth of the Thai economy as well. For this reason, MFEC intends to help drive the Thai economy by offering services that enable Thai businesses to apply AI to their organizations.

Reason 4: AI will help Thai people have a better quality of life.

We believe that every new technology is meant to help improve the quality of life of people in society. Including AI technology, whether in the field of public health, environmental, access to welfare, or even getting better products and services from businesses using AI. For this reason, MFEC intends to make the use of AI to improve the quality of life of Thai people happen as soon as possible.

Reason 5: Industry Needs Expert Pathfinders

Since the AI industry is starting to grow in Thailand, and it’s relatively new, there is a great need for experts with a deep understanding of the technology to path the way for other businesses to enter the industry. Because MFEC has both experience and world-class partners who are experts in the field of AI, we intend to be the foundation for the AI industry in Thailand and be the first company that people think of when they want to upgrade their organization into this technology.

Bring Thai Organizations into the AI Era with Efficiency

MFEC has foreseen this trend for many years and has been prepared by developing a team of AI experts and continuously studying how to apply it to businesses in Thailand. This year will be the year that MFEC is confident in its readiness and decided to fully penetrate the AI market in order to help Thai organizations step into the AI era with the greatest efficiency.

Learn more about MFEC’s AI services at: MFEC AI-Lab

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