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MFEC accomplished Google Cloud Specialization Partner in Application Development

MFEC was certified by Google Cloud Partner Advantage program as Specialization Partner in Application Development which is the highest level of technical designation given to Google Cloud Partner. This success highlights MFEC’s expertise in Google Cloud solutions which boosts the capability of uplifting digital life and delivering high quality services to customers.

Application Development Specialization reflects MFEC’s ability as a partner with high proficiency in implementation and services of Google Cloud’s cloud-native business applications, especially Apigee API management and Anthos Cluster Management. To be certified for Specialization, MFEC had proven its strong technical skills in Google Cloud application development through several accomplishments contributed by multiple staff with specialization and high experience in Google Cloud application development. The accomplishments include at least 3 customer success stories from the customers who have been implemented and delivered by services from Google cloud and professional services from MFEC and professional-level certificates, including Professional Cloud Architecture Certifications and Professional Cloud Developer Certifications.

This accomplishment answers MFEC’s goal to always exceed expectations to strengthen the organization. This enables us to stay fast and adaptive to all changes and enhance customers’ trust as a leading IT company that is well-prepared in supporting customers in various industries and improving people’s digital life.

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