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The Basics of APIs and API Rate Limits

What are UI and API? What is the Difference? 

UI refers to User Interface, which is an interface that is used to communicate with users, in other words it is for humans to use, such as menu pages, image placement, or font size. Definitely, if the UI is beautiful or easy to understand, it will draw in more users. It is a further development to the UX, which is User Experience, increasing the good experience for users. 

As for API, it stands for Application Programming Interface, which in a sense is quite similar to UI, in that it is a communication interface. However, it differs in that API interacts with other programs or allows another program to use it in place of humans. The difference is that the API communicates with other programs or allows another program to use it instead of humans. To sum up, it is an intermediary that connects one system to another. Examples of everyday uses include paying online with PayPal, searching for flights or hotels in Google, and much more. 

The same case as the UI, when the interface is beautiful, attractive to use, and easy to use; it will be easier to write programs. It will be a good intermediary and allow more people to contact. For example, Slack is a communication platform, and the selling point is that it can be used within the organization because it not only chats with colleagues, upload work files, or share code. There are bots that help inform the team about various tasks, such as whether the system is functioning effectively or not, new orders alert, or new members have subscribed, etc.  

Opening the API to Third Parties 

Making it accessible to those outside the organization may lead to new innovations. The website might receive more traffic or be able to create new features of its own. For example, pricing tracking in e-commerce websites like Amazon, where the website does not even had to create its own features. However, the users would return to make a purchase from Amazon anyway, which is considered a benefit to the website. 

Reddit is a website similar to Thailand’s Pantip, where users can post topics and exchange information and ideas. Same as social media X or that many people are still familiar and call with the old name, Twitter. Since it is a social media platform where even users who do not follow each other can see the other’s post. As a result, information has been exchanged widely. That information that people discuss or express their opinions on is something that can be analyzed further, and some organizations may want to track this information to develop their organization. However, both websites have been in issues with limiting third party access, also known as rate limit on API usage.

X’s previous appearance was as Twitter.

Rate Limit on API Usage 

  • To Earn Money from API 

Setting a rate limit for using API or limiting the use of API is also considered earning money from API. The website will have access limitations by charging to access information. Some websites may open multiple price levels, which means the more expensive it is, the more accessible. 

  • Restrictions for the Service Provider’s Security 

Limiting access does not just raise money; it can also maintain security. For example, limiting 5 requests per second is deemed relatively little when compared to an automated system. Thus, it is an implication that only humans can use it. The sample case of attacking other people via the service provider is when someone registers using a phone number that belongs to the others. Entering a phone number multiple times is like lending a hand of the service provider to attack the victims because SMS messages will continually be sent to the victim’s number. It is not directly attacking the service provider, but the system will nevertheless be overrun with bots. If applying via email, which is more secure, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t have an impact on anyone. This is due to the fact that emails will block the services that have abnormally high usage. As a result, the victim can be both the website and the user because they will not be able to register for that website ever again. The website may also lose potential customers in the future. 

MFEC also has been working with API by developing the LINE API system, which connects the LINE Platform to the bank’s legacy system and enables users to contact and request various tasks via LINE. Additionally, MFEC has previously written an article about API management. To learn more, visit: 

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