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How will the coming of AI affect business in Thailand?

AI technology or artificial intelligence has become one of the most talked about topics lately with its high versatility and high efficiency such as automation, analyze large amounts of data, brainstorm ideas, summarize data, and use it to help make decisions.

The business sector will change because of AI.

The impact that AI is having on the business sector is something that should not be underestimated, even in Thailand. With the development at such a rapid pace that new guidelines are released almost every month, there will be many parts of the business that will be changed by the advent of these AIs.

Whether it’s the labor market where AI can help automate repetitive tasks. It gives employees more energy and time to do work that is more beneficial to the organization, such as thinking about strategies or generating sales. As for work that requires creativity, such as content or marketing, AI will help brainstorm ideas or analyze data to come up with strategic ideas that are more relevant to the target group.

There is no doubt that business competition will be more intense and faster with the advent of AI. Companies that can harness the power of this technology will improve their work processes and clearly increase their business productivity to meet more customer needs. On the other hand, companies that overlook these technologies face a huge challenge in maintaining their competitive edge since their competitors will be able to work more with fewer resources using AI.

Opportunity for exponential growth

MFEC has foreseen this trend of business transformation and has prepared for this response by studying and gathering a team of AI experts for many years with the goal of helping organizations in Thailand not to fall out of this disruptive trend and maintain the competitiveness of the business.

With MFEC’s expertise in AI technology, we aim to help enterprises effectively transition into the AI era and drive the organization’s growth to become an industry leader.

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