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Ngern Tid Lor Joins Force with Apigee and MFEC to Fully Enter the New Digital Platform

Ngern Tid Lor Company is preparing to introduce a new platform model using the Apigee system, which is an API Gateway, a Google’s product that handles various requests before delivering them to the application server. During this collaboration, Ngern Tid Lor Company has also partnered with MFEC Public Company Limited for the consultation, development, as well as setting up a comprehensive computer systems and information network for the new platform development. 

Get to Know Ngern Tid Lor Company

Ngern Tid Lor Company is a comprehensive loans business that uses vehicle license plates as collateral as well as an insurance brokerage with the most branches in Thailand. While this loans and insurance brokerage are the top business in Thailand, Ngern Tid Lor Company is also a part of MUFG, which is the largest financial institution in Japan and a leading financial institution group in the world as well. 

Ngern Tid Lor’s Goals in the Digital Era

As today’s business environment is rapidly evolving because of innovation and technology, Ngern Tid Lor Company sees a potential for growth through IT, particularly on loans business using vehicle registration, and insurance brokerage business in many aspects, such as risk management, payment monitoring, the importance of applications, managing available collections, and any other areas that require IT in order to more conveniently manage the tasks.

Since Information Technology has become a crucial part for the businesses, the company has significantly invested and emphasized more on IT aspects than other companies in the same industry. For example, there is an internal application that has been used in more than 1,200 branches throughout the country and a mobile application that is used for both customers and the business branches in terms of loans and insurances. Moreover, in the future, the application might include some features for the car dealer business as well. Therefore, it can be seen that the rate of IT staff recruitment within Ngern Tid Lor company has been increasing over the years with more than 300 IT staff to help develop the company’s business.

Reasons for Choosing Apigee with MFEC as a Consultant

In the expansion of loan business in the IT field, both the systemization and API play important roles in supporting the system expansion. Ngern Tid Lor Company has also thoroughly researched and tested every procedure before choosing to use the product as well as the installation firm. For this business expansion, Ngern Tid Lor has revealed that the company has designed it as a microservice that can reuse the existing data because for their API, most of the processes were RESTful, including system, process, or even UI/UX that support various channels. As a result, it can be rapidly expanded since it is able to use the API in the Process Layer or the old System Layer without having to develop all of them from the beginning while Apigee can also use the data from the previous API. 

Apigee’s features provide convenience, time-savings, and fewer complications compared to the other API Gateway as it has sufficient features and acts as a centralized data distribution center to simplify the payment complexity via numerous channels. Furthermore, this API also supports the coding process, minimizes errors, and conveniently sets up the system, all of which are the reasons why Ngern Tid Lor believes Apigee is the best option for this expansion plan.

In this operation, Ngern Tid Lor Company is also partnered with MFEC Company, one of Thailand’s leading consulting and IT system integration firms, which provides consultation, development, and system integration services for Ngern Tid Lor’s business expansion. As Ngern Tid Lor sees the potential in MFEC’s operation, the ability to solve the problems, and MFEC’s strengths which consist of the ability to clearly answer the questions, real-time model, and competent specialists to monitor the system as well as provide consultation at all time, Ngern Tid Lor confidently works with MFEC and places their trust on the company.

In addition, MFEC has stated its vision regarding the collaboration with Ngern Tid Lor Company that with Apigee’s API System, MFEC does not only focuses on the project’s success, but also emphasizes on achieving a ‘win-win’ scenario as MFEC aims for the product that was developed and installed to generate more profit and benefits for its business partner while becoming one of the mechanisms for Ngern Tid Lor to drive forward and expand its products more comprehensively.