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KTC embraces the Google Cloud Platform for advancing financial services, demonstrating agility in a competitive landscape.

In a competitive world with rapid business changes, the business sector needs to remain abreast of developments. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, it illustrates that the adapted business will not only survive in a critical situation but also have greater speed in working under conditions of economic fluctuation and international trade uncertainties. According to those complexities, any business that first reaches customers and builds confidence in its products and services will have a great competitive advantage.

Under the leadership Mrs. Pittaya Vorapanyasakul, President & Chief Executive Officer and Director, and Mr. Woottichai Jarernpol, Head of Information Technology, KTC has driven the organization with modern technology. We understand the importance of adapting to the business sector in this era and chose the Google Cloud Platform to develop products and services carrying out various financial transactions in daily life. Moreover, KTC is fully prepared to efficiently manage the increased usage volume and safely protect users’ information.

Additionally, KTC has an expert partner in cloud services, MFEC Public Company Limited, or MFEC, for providing advice, planning, and setting up various systems regarding technology operations. MFEC is a professional cloud center of excellence that provides effective advice and excellently collaborates on cloud services. Therefore, KTC has the smoothest and finest development.

KTC is committed to our mission of creating differentiation in products and services by developing the organization’s core competencies in technology, processes, and employees to enable us to truly understand and respond to members’ lifestyles and needs.

For any business looking for consultation to build or improve cloud internal technologies, you can find out more information on Cloud Platform – MFEC | The Leading Tech Company in Thailand

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