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MFEC attending meeting
on IDA Platform 
(Industrial IoT and
Data Analytics Platform)

MFEC along with Plastic Institute of Thailand (PITH) and Thai IoT Association (Thai-IoT) attended a meeting on “IDA-100 Industrial Technology Platform” held by Sustainable Manufacturing Center (SMC). The project promotes the use of IDA Platform or Industrial IoT and Data Analytics Platform to develop Thai industry to be able to compete internationally.  

IDA Platform is one of important pioneering SMC projects happened from the collaboration between ARIPOLIS-SMC and the private and public sector alliance. The platform analyzes and integrates data from IoT devices which track signals from industrial machines. Examples of its features are real-time display of energy consumption of industrial machines, analysis of macro data to create a precise strategy for national energy management, and demand response energy management which informs the condition of the machine to be able to create an effective and energy-saving manufacturing process that meets the urgent demands to adapt of SME in the manufacturing sector before expanding to improving manufacturing efficiency.  

Factory owners who are interested in joining the project can learn more details at 

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