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Vendor Privacy Notice

In order for MFEC Public Company Limited (the “Company”) to proceed with the procurement of your quotation and proposal, please kindly study this privacy notice before submitting your quotation and proposal. The Company represents the information security measures of all of your personal data in strict compliance with the applicable laws.

Your personal data to be processed​

During the procurement process, the Company may receive the personal data of you as the individual or your representative of the corporate entity (collectively referred to as “You”) directly from the quotation, the communication or our interview; or indirectly from a third party that may refer You to the Company. The personal data being processed hereunder include

1. Name, surname, ID card information of natural person vendor or the authorized director, assignee, or representatives of vendor who is a juristic person, contact information (such as address, contact location, telephone, numbers, and e-mail), and may include identity documentation of such representatives

2. Payment information for natural person vendor such as bank account, disbursement history

3. Work experience, performance assessment and test, including other personal data submitted or disclosed by You which is part of the obligation that You need to perform within the framework of the agreement between the Company and You.

In addition to your personal data, You may submit personal data of other relevant person to the Company, including but not limited to name list of their employee who request to provide services and perform other duties in the Company’s premise. , Upon the receipt of those personal data from You, the Company shall deem that You have the legitimate rights and/or get the consent from those parties to disclose these personal data to the Company in this procurement process and the Company shall, therefore, be entitled to process the personal data of those parties rightfully under this Privacy Notice.


Objectives for Personal Data Process and the Retention Period

The Company would need to collect, compile, and use your personal data for the following purpose

1. To verify your identity and all information that You has given to the Company, assess whether or not you meet all the qualifications defined, and contact or coordinate with You during the procurement process until the entry into the relevant agreement between You and the Company. Even though you are not selected to enter into the agreement with the Company, the Company would reserve the rights to store your personal data for the ease of coordination and management of the Company’s procurement in the

future as well as for the audit purpose of the procurement process undertaken for the period of 1 calendar years from the completion of procurement process;

2. To perform the Company’s duties during the operation under this contract, such as the vendor’s performance evaluation in order to calculate the payment, and the enforcement of other rights and duties under such agreement; provided that the processing of personal data for such purposes may include the processing of personal data of the vendor’s employees, person under the vendor affiliation, and the vendor’s third-party service providers that you may submit to the Company;

3. To perform any legal obligations that the Company may have, especially for the tax and accounting legal obligations;

4. To protect the Company’s legitimate rights to claim the right against the vendor that may breach or violate their duties under the relevant agreement between You and the Company, including the use to file the lawsuit.

For such purpose of processing the personal data, the Company would need to retain those personal data that You has given to the Company as long as duration of the relevant agreement between each vendor and the Company. In addition to protect the rights of the Company under the relevant contracts, the Company reserve the right to retain all of those personal data as long as the reasonable prescription period to protect the Company’s right in any dispute (generally prescription period is up to 10 years). In case that the Company have a legal obligation to process your personal data, the Company shall retain those personal data within a reasonable period of time under the applicable laws.


Disclosure of the Personal Data

If necessary, the Company may disclose an/or transfer the your personal data to these groups of persons, including (1) to Customer or other Company’s vendor that the Company would need to disclose personal data to perform and provide services for such customer, vendor, or third party service provider (including but not limited to affiliates, advisory company, or external audit) that have been hired by the Company in order to support the Company’s performance of duties, especially for the procurement process; provided that the disclosure shall only be made on the necessary basis pursuant to the data processing agreement to be entered into; and (2) to the governance authorities that the Company shall obliged under the relevant laws or in the case that the Company is subjected to judgment or any other government authorities order, the Company only disclose your personal data on the necessary in accordance with the Company’s duties.


Data Subject Rights.

The Company respects your right as the data subject that You shall be entitled to under the applicable laws and You can contact the Company to exercise any of the rights as follows: the right to withdraw consent, to get access and request for a copy, to revise your personal data, and to request for data portability. In case the Company conduces personal data in a readable form or generally used by equipment and automatic tools. including the right to transfer personal data in these form to other data controllers, the right to object to any process of their personal data, the right to request for deletion or de-identification of the personal data once there is no further necessity, the right to request for the suspension of the personal data processing or the right to complain. Please feel free contact us at: 02 821 7999 or email: