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MFEC participated in the UiPath AI Summit 2024

As a leading UiPath partner, MFEC showcased AI-Powered Testing and AI Autopilot solutions at the UiPath AI Summit 2024. These solutions empower businesses to transform IT challenges into competitive advantages by harnessing the power of AI for optimal results.

AI-Powered Testing has evolved from UiPath’s Test Manager (RPA + Test platform), in which MFEC has genuine expertise gained from leading financial institution clients. This Test Manager incorporates AI Autopilot to generate test cases and assist in writing test case workflows, enabling testers and business analysts to work more efficiently with automated systems, reducing costs, and significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

To enable customers to adapt quickly to digital transformation, MFEC also serves as a Tech Partner, providing consultative support to meet all customer needs with One-Stop Services, fostering mutual business growth.

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