Full-Stack Observability

Deliver exceptional digital experiences

Observe what matters to understand your customers and their needs like never before.

Gain real-time visibility into your digital experiences

You have to see more to solve more

You can’t fix what you can’t see. You need to see everything together…and in context. Optimizing digital experiences requires top-to-bottom application and infrastructure observability. Cisco Full-Stack Observability solutions deliver the visibility and insights you need to take the right actions when they matter the most.

Solutions for your journey to full-stack observability


Application performance and business insights

Observe what matters for your customer and business. Improve application performance and correlate performance metrics with business outcomes to provide a flawless user experience, every time.


Application resource optimization

Continuously monitor and optimize application performance and cost while maintaining compliance for hybrid cloud environments.


Internet and network performance insights

From the app to network to the Internet, gain multi-layered visibility and insights into the digital experience of applications and service you provide and consume.


Application-first security

Create a new shared context across Application and Security teams.  Simplify vulnerability management and defend against slowdowns and exploits​ for your apps that now run anywhere at the speed of your digital business.



Application experience to infrastructure visualization

Get visibility into application and hybrid cloud infrastructure resource dependencies and how they impact end-user experiences.  Continuously optimize resources on-premises and in public clouds with application-aware infrastructure optimization.


End-to-end application experience insights

Comprehensive and proactive digital experience monitoring with visibility into the end-to-end digital supply chain, from the user to the application across hybrid, multi-cloud, Internet, and third party services. Quickly detect and isolate performance issues impacting business continuity.

Manage the application experience

Cisco Customer Experience (CX) helps you achieve lower costs and improved visibility by simplifying operations and delivering clear insights on network utilization and security.

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