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Playtorium’s Application on AWS

Playtorium Solutions as a Software Engineering and Business consulting company, provide a full spectrum of digital and IT solutions for customers. Playtorium have a potential, experienced, and committed team to work with customers with the motto “Speed x Quality” 

Playtorium Solutions started in Software Quality Control, then registered as a company on December 15, 2016, that operates a full range of IT Solutions businesses including Software Development, Software Testing, Data Information, and Including ready-made software such as Ximpler (Moblie Automation Testing Tools) and Playlivery (food delivery platform). 

Playtorium’s Application on AWS 

– Online proctored exam by applying online meeting solution from Amazon Chime

– Video recognition during exam sessions and Image recognition for authentication by Amazon

In the future, Playtorium expects to apply AWS services and features to develop more products in a wider range of areas and business sectors. In accordance with MFEC, AWS solution partner, we provide support, technical consultant, and architecture design consultation for deliver best practice to customers.

Why AWS ?

  – Various ready-to-use PaaS to serve wide range of any business solutions.

  – Wide range of services and features for monitoring, operation, security, deployment and development.

  – Many available serverless services that we can choose for some solutions that we need to reduce operational overhead.

  – Many services are scalable to any kinds of workload.

  – Flexibility to pick up any services and features to suit our project.

  – Strong global user community to support for troubleshooting and research.

  – Easy to find software / system engineers who familiar with the technology.