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IT Infrastructure

  • Collaboration

    The system serves organization which longs for the fast communication by supporting collaboration, communication and sharing of information within the organization.

  • Disaster Recovery

    Despite any kind of disaster, the systems could be recovered in short time with the reservation system, both “On-Premise to On-Premise” and “Cloud to On-Premise”.

  • Hyper-converged Infrastructure

    Converge computer, storage and network altogether to establish high performance infrastructure decreasing the difficulty of data center management.

  • Software-defined Datacenter

    The model of data center which software controls the system and define functions related to IT infrastructure within data center swiftly.

  • Virtualization

    Build up operating system virtualization which is able to run various operating systems at the same time and contributes the most effective use of resources.

IT Operations Management

  • Application Performance Management

    Checkup the application before any problem happens and analyze the causes of problem swiftly.

  • Datacenter Capacity Planning

    Storage data center’s information and analyze the trend of effect on future usage accurately.

  • IT Automation

    Manage jobs and internal IT systems to work automated in order to decrease the complication and problem form human error.

  • IT Service Management

    Provide IT management service together with Best Practice principle to serve demand of business and achieve more effective management.

  • Service Assurance

    Monitor and check up the usage of server and network in terms of performance and trend including analyze the cause of problem swiftly.

Our Services


Solve problem, give advices and make suitable plan for each industries.

Datacenter Capacity Assessment

Assess the capacity of data center to make plan according to future usage.

Back Up Service

Back up organization’s information to preserve data and prepare for Discover Recovery plan.

Managed Service

Provide IT service compose of system management and resource management.

Professional Service Support

Provide profoundly professional service by the specialist.

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Hewlett Packard

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