Our MFEC cloud service direction is being the best full-stack cloud service provider who can support our customer for cloud solution consultant, solution design, implementation and operation support. Furthermore, we have strong mobile application developing experiences on cloud platform that make our customer requirements happen.

Our Services

Solution Design

We gather customer requirements in order to design and propose suitable cloud services for customer’s mobile application. We assume ourself as customers for their demand for services such as worthwhile investment, reasonable budget, and good and proper results.


Application will be implemented by following customer’s sing off blueprint. It will be separated phases and environments to development, system integration test, and production so that developing and testing will not affect to production system.

Design for Operation

Our designed solutions are considering about operation procedure and process in order that customer can easily manage and maintain their system by themselves.

Operation Services

We provide maintenance and support for cloud mobile application. Our services can make sure your application operate with stability and reliability.

Consulting Services

According to our knowledge, expertise and deep experience services in cloud solution, we provide consulting services for customers who would like to improve or reduce cost of their application.