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Now a day, the IT Administration and Management has never been more complex and complicated caused the technological advancements creating new standards such as Big data, Container, Mobile, IoT, that make large organization become a strong in competitive advantage in such industry by using Enterprise IT Solution tools to increase the business driving efficiency. MFEC has an experienced team providing great advice, development and supporting the customer as our partner.

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Digital Process Automation

DPA is the technology to automate business processes to end-to-end automation to drive charge in digital timeline by driving workflow between human, system and robotics from personal processes to business management. It makes visualize, understand, and improve business processes efficiently.

Customer Service Solution
( CRM )

CRM is the solution to manage customer relations for business strategies that using technology to management process and correspondence with the customers in order to create a good relationship in long term by learning difference customer’s demand and responding by suitable products or services for each customer such as the customer service system and using CRM customer service for such business or organization in order to improve the component of the customer service process.

Enterprise Content Management

ECM is a solution for managing content and documents in the organization to be integrated into Digital or Paperless, covering content access (Check-in), Scan and indexing, Search and View, editing and control version (Check-out), controlling the security of the information access as specified conditions (Document Security) including the automated process of archiving and destroying content in accordance with the Retention policy which the organization able to reduce the amount of paper used reduce data redundancy includes increasing efficiency in using and distributing data both inside and outside the organization.

Financial Solution
Capital Market Solution

The Solution for Financial Market consisting of Foreign Exchange transactions products, interest rate risk management products and commodity price risk management products, derivatives transactions and debt instrument for investment transactions, supporting end-to-end work processes from front-office, middle and back-office to accounting based on process automation and straight through processing (STP) to increase work efficiency and time-to-market

Lending Solution

Solution for Loan Origination System and Core Loan system to support Loan Products; Secured, Unsecured Loan for individual and institutional clients such as Term Loan, Mortgage Loan, Auto Loan, Hire Purchase/Leasing covering Apply Loan Request, Loan Approval and Credit Analysis, Customer Management, Receivable Management functions including Debt Collection                                                         

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