Background of Pan Panya Foundation

The charity works started in 2014 by “Thoonkwamroo Project” as the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of MFEC Public Company Limited by donating educational digital media such as e-Book, e-Test and videos for informal education to students from primary school to high school in the remote areas to enhance the scores of Ordinary National Education Test.

With the aim to encourage and sponsor education sustainably, in 2016, the Project has been evolved and Pan Panya Foundation was founded on 22 September 2016 for the expansion of “Thoonkwamroo Project”.

Next Step of Pan Panya Foundation

Next year, Pan Panya Foundation will collaborate with its networks to develop digital learning media for Thai language subject. Its aim is to promote use of information technology and computer network to expand the education opportunity more broadly and equally. Targeted groups are kindergarten- to secondary-level children in highlands and remote areas. Based on the planned collaborative development project, these children will have learning videos to improve Thai-language skills – the key foundation for learning in classes and occupations in the future, for the society’s sustainable development.