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Drive your business with Cisco AppDynamics

Cisco AppDynamics helps businesses deliver consistently flawless digital experiences by connecting end-user experience and application performance to business outcomes. AppDynamics monitors, correlates, analyzes, and acts on application and business performance data in real time. This automated, cross-stack intelligence enables developers, IT ops, and business owners to make the mission-critical and strategic improvements that win customers at every moment. This superior level of insight allows them to watch every line of code and understand its impact on user experience and application performance, while providing real-time insight into your digital business.

Enhance a user experience flawlessly

The AppDynamics Application Performance Management provides business transaction-centric management of most complex and distributed applications. The solution is extremely easy to configure and deploy, automatically discovers business transaction, consumes little production overhead, monitors every line of code, and dynamically baselines performance to proactively identify and resolve application performance issues before they impact customers and the business.

Intelligent Observability all metric make Intelligent business decisions.

IT alignment help organization business transform into a flawless digital format with AppDynamics AIOps Platform

Application Performance Monitoring
monitor application performance, analyze problems, identify the root cause and ้help application to be better efficient
Infrastructure Monitoring
Insights into the performance of the Server, Database and Network that support application including notify when there is an abnormal operation before affects users
Multi Cloud Monitoring
monitors and optimized infrastructure performance including Microservice, Hybrid and Cloud Native to support customer needs
End User Monitoring
track the usage journey of the application from the perspective of the user to find the better user experience and resolve issues faster
Business Insights
connect application performance to business results to provide overview of problems and impacts which effect to users including income of the organization
SAP Monitoring
monitoring SAP functionality up to deep depth ABAP code level and can also monitor synchronization of applications between NON-SAP and SAP

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Cisco AppDynamics: How It Works

Auto Discovery and mapping

Automatically discover application topology  flow map and interdependencies including external web services, and trace key business transactions based on production application behavior

Code-level Diagnostics

AppDynamics diagnose application performance issues with drill-down at code-level depth , Method and SQL statement which help to Identify the point of the problem and the root cause to isolate and resolve faster (MTTR: Mean Time To Repair)

Dynamic Baselines and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

AppDynamics use Machine learning to learn behavior of application  perform baseline and notify when detect of abnormal issues before impact customers

User journey

track user end-to-end usage from home browsers to back-office databases, analyze user behavior with user session, user login, location, active device. Including browser type Including the impact on the user when the application has problems


display information that correlates between application performance and business perspectives make overview of impact of problem in application

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