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Big Data & Analytics

Utilize the data and turn them into valuable insights.

Data analytics technology to predict the future

in order to increase the information's efficiency and value. Not only providing with comprehensive data management services which include designing, planning, storing, processing, analyzing, and reporting, MFEC Digital Information Service team, who is highly skilled and experienced, is also confident and ready to provide training and consultation at the policy level to ensure that customers truly make use of the organization’s data.

Our Services

Database Solution Services

Database Solution Services is an on premise or cloud database solution to satisfy demand of customers to develop systems or applications that store data in various formats, both RDBMS and NoSQL.

Big Data Solution Services

The usage of data is not just used in the RDBMS database system, but also be able to use other part of the organization to gather, analyze, and find the value of the data from various sources.

Application Infrastructure Services

The application of middleware solutions, whether On-Premise or Cloud respond the demand of the customers who desire to develop system or applications by providing services in various areas.

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Useful information is relevant information, and the results will be accurate. Digital Information Services has a team of data scientists sufficient for the analysis of the data at many levels.


as professional

MFEC Digital Information Service is specialized in the mentioned services. Therefore, we are confident and ready to manage end-to-end data activities including designing, planning, storing, processing, analyzing, and reporting. Also, we are able to organize workshops and give consultation at the policy level to ensure that our customers would truly get the most out of the organizational data.

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