Unveiling the Power of Blockchain in Corporate Health Record

Our CHR enables secure, fast and transparent for usage of medical data in eco-system of Company, Hospital and Insurance. The platform design to let the employee as patient own their health records, giving them the power to control the right to access their medical data with every organization in the secured medical network. Through R3 Blockchain, CHR provide an immutable, verifiable and reliable of medical data.

CHR optimize all activities in every aspect of corporate medical network

Medical & Personal Insurance Management for Corporate Operation

Tremendously reduce process & time of sharing data in insurance management such as claim report, submit new employee data and checking medical insurance.

Medical Data Sharing

Medical Data is shared on CHR platform with precise and latest record in less cost and time effective in medical network.

Comprehensive Audit

All relevant parties (companies, hospitals and insurances) in the medical network are allow to track and examine all medical history activities via Smart Contract.

Underlying Technology

CHR is provide on Corda Blockchain technology by R3 which is a world-class leading enterprise blockchain platform. The platform is a permissioned blockchain that all facts are shared only with those directly transacting together. Once recorded, cannot be altered.

Distributed and shared ledger




Potential Value

Enhance Security



Cost Reduction

Improve Transparency



Fully Auditable

Time Saving

Impact on Business

Company will receive real time history of employee’s medical records and insurance’s medical claim report which can be used to choose insurance service options by pairing fees with the claim report to choose less costly options.



Hospital will receive claim payments quickly and automatically. Doctors also make the best health decision as from the result of past procedures and health records.



Insurers could rest assured that the information they are
making decisions upon are trusted and verifiable which can prevent fraud claim and avoid double claim payments.


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