Cisco Umbrella – Protect outside the box.

Cisco Umbrella uses the internet’s infrastructure to block malicious destinations before a connection is ever established. By delivering security from the cloud, not only do you save money, but we also provide more effective security.

Cisco Umbrella


  • First line of defense against threats:Block malware, phishing, and command & control callbacks over any port or protocol—before threats reach you.
  • Visibility & protection everywhere: Gain the visibility needed to protect internet access across all devices on your network, all office locations, and roaming users.
  • Integrations to amplify existing investments: Integrate with existing tools and feeds to extend protection and enrich your incident response data.

Cisco Umbrella Investigate


  • A live graph of global & historical internet activity:The most complete view of the relationships and evolution of internet domains, IPs, networks, and malware.
  • Pivot through attackers’ infrastructures:Use our dynamic search engine or RESTful API to mine our diverse data sets and statistical models.
  • Enrich your SIEM data and speed up workflows:Use our global context and predictive intelligence to prioritize incident response and stay ahead of attacks.

Security must shift to the cloud

As networks become more decentralized and users connect directly to SaaS applications, security must also shift to the cloud. Cisco Umbrella is helping to address these changes and define a new category, the Secure Internet Gateway (SIG).

Industry’s first Secure Internet Gateway in the cloud

Before users connect to any destination on the internet, a Secure Internet Gateway provides the first line of defense and inspection. Core capabilities include:

  • Visibility and enforcement on and off network
  • Protection over all ports and protocols
  • Open platform for easy integration
  • Live threat intelligence
  • Proxy and file inspection

Discovery and control of SaaS


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